Pu Rory Ensemble

From 2016 to 2018, promising young classical guitarists had the opportunity to enrich their training under the guidance of a professional whose teaching work is as recognized as her quality as a performer, and had the opportunity to receive these first-class teachings in Paraguay, opening a door to a world of possibilities, which beyond the search to improve their skills in the interpretation of the instrument, also allowed them to generate a process of humanistic development through solidarity and commitment to others in group classes. Likewise, the members of the ensemble received instruction in various topics of interest in the artistic world, in meetings with members of the teaching staff, and with prominent figures in music and other areas that contributed to the training of the participants. The young people also received chamber music classes, which made possible the formation of a youth guitar ensemble called "Pu Rory Ensemble", which in Guaraní means cheerful, festive sound.

Berta Rojas had a team of teachers who were in charge of teaching both individual and group classes, providing with criteria and based on a program of activities, the best tools for the optimal development of the same.

The program was open to young Paraguayan classical guitarists, or foreigners residing in Paraguayan territory, up to 25 years of age. The members of the ensemble were selected by competition through videos uploaded to Youtube.

The participants selected during the 3 years of the project (3 editions), benefited from free classes given by the teacher Berta Rojas, and the teaching staff. The master classes and guitar ensemble rehearsals took place in the classrooms and the theater of the Paraguayan American Cultural Center.

On November 16, 2018, the Pu Rory Ensemble performed at the Sala Argentina of the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK), thus marking its international debut.


Javier Aquino

Conductor, composer, classical guitarist and music educator, born in Asuncion on November 28th, 1962. In 1979 he graduated with the title of Superior Professor of Classical Guitar at the Conservatory "Agustín Barrios", directed by Felipe Sosa from whom he would receive his training until the conclusion of the same. With Mo. José Luís Miranda, he received instruction in Musical Language, Harmony and Counterpoint. After a brief period as a teacher and performer in our country, he moved to Argentina, where from 1983 to 1986 he studied his professional career, obtaining the title of Master of Musical Culture with specialization in Classical Guitar in 1986, at the Escuela Superior Municipal de Música "Celia Torrá" of Concepción del Uruguay - Entre Ríos - Argentina.

He has worked as a professor in institutions such as the "Jorge Báez" Conservatory in Asunción and the "ZÍPÓLI" Conservatory in the city of Luque. He has participated as an instructor in the Mamorei Musical Camping, organized by Tierra Nuestra, as well as in the seminars and workshops of the project "Sonidos de la tierra". He was director and founder of the project "Musicordalia". Orchestral Colony that prepares children and young people in orchestral practice. He was part of the itinerant instructors of the project "Sonidos de la Tierra Nuestra" directed by Maestro Luis Szaran -Director of the OSCA (Symphonic Orchestra of the City of Asuncion).

He is a professor in different musical disciplines in the prestigious "Escuela Musical Miranda", Professor in the area of Wind and Percussion as well as Director of the Symphonic Band of the SOS Village in Luque, Professor in the area of Wind and Percussion as well as Director of the Symphonic Band of the Conservatory Ha Che Valle in San Juan Bautista-Misiones, Director of the Municipal Conservatory of Luque and professor in the musical department - strings area - of the American School of Asuncion. In Paraguay he is the promoter of the school of bowed instruments developed by the master Humberto Carfi and spread by Norberto García, its main exponent. He serves as Director of the Municipal Conservatory of Music CIUDAD DE LUQUE since 2007, a musical educational project of social character, promoted by Dr. Delicia Muñoz de Cabrejo. Since 2013 he is a member of the teaching staff in the Bachelor's Degree in Music at the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes, Asunción-Paraguay.

Rodrigo Benítez

He began his studies with Felipe Sosa, obtaining the title of Superior Professor of classical guitar. He studied in Montevideo, Uruguay, with Ramiro Agriel and other outstanding international teachers. He is currently in his last year of his Bachelor's Degree in Music with emphasis in classical guitar at the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes.

As a concert performer he has performed in festivals and concerts in Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. He is Academic Director and Professor at the Conservatorio Municipal de Guitarra Clásica "Agustín Barrios" in San Juan Bautista Misiones, he also teaches at the Conservatorio del IMA (Instituto Municipal de Arte de Asunción) and at the Academia "San Roque" in Capiatá.

He gave master classes in the three editions of the National Guitar Congress, in the 9th International Guitar Seminar in Uruguay and in the 4th Seminar of the University of San Martin de Porres in Lima, Peru. He participated as a jury member in international guitar competitions in Uruguay and Peru. He is a member of the guitar trio "Mbarakatrío" with which he has recorded several albums.

Favio Rodríguez

Born in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. He began his musical studies at the Mangoré Conservatory of Ciudad del Este, taking guitar lessons with Prof. Jacinto Matiauda. In 2005 he received a scholarship from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) with a full scholarship to study music. In 2010 he graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Music with emphasis in classical guitar.

In the same year he was accepted by the prestigious Birmingham Conservatoire part of Birmingham City University in England to pursue his Master of Music studies, graduating in 2011.

During his studies in Taiwan, he participated in several master classes with renowned figures in the guitar world such as: Shin-Ichi Fukuda, Tania Changnot, Paul Reilly, Pablo Márquez, Meng Feng Su and Pepe Romero.

In England he had lessons with Mark Ashford, Mark Eden (Eden-Stell Duo), Paul Galbraith, Elizabeth Pallet and Xue Fei Yang. Even abroad his performances included not only solo guitar music, but also guitar ensembles. His repertoire includes renowned works of baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music. He is currently a Professor in the Bachelor's Degree in Music at the School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Nacional del Este.

José Carlos Cabrera

José Carlos Cabrera is considered one of Paraguay's leading classical guitarists. His talent led him from an early age to obtain several awards.

He was born in Sapucai, where he started playing music at the age of 10. He graduated with honors as Superior Professor of Classical Guitar at the Escuela Musical Miranda with maestro Javier Aquino. He obtained the degree of Bachelor of Musical Arts with orientation in Guitar with the distinction "Summa cum laude", at the National University of Art -DaMus, in Buenos Aires (2012) with maestro Javier Bravo.

Berta Rojas referred to Cabrera in the following terms: "... We are in front of an exceptional talent, a young man who, in addition to his talent, is adorned with virtues such as humility, seriousness, dedication and a capacity for expression that is a jewel that adorns very few interpreters".

BERTA ROJAS Art Direction

JAVIER AQUINO General Management

SONIA VALIENTE Academic Coordination


SILVIA KOHNEN Project Manager

VITO KRUGER Project Manager


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